We operate two 30 ton ways and can accommodate boats with beams of up to 14 feet and lengths to 50 feet. We are a full-service yard. Use our staff or you can use your own contractor with conditions. Sorry, we do not allow owners to work on their boats while on the ways although we do provide a small shop area for owners.

Please call 250-746-1093 to book your haul-out or use our handy online form.


 Rates Outside Ways Inside Ways
Haul out & Wash $10.00/ft $15.00/ft
Environmental Fee $1.00/ft $1.00/ft
Bottom Painting $7.00/ft (labour only. Paint & supplies extra) $7.00/ft (labour only. Paint & supplies extra)
Labour $75/hr $75/hr
Lay days $70/day $70/day


*Owners sub contractors are welcome, (All sub-contractors are required to have required liability insurance and workers compensation insurance and must report to the manager to register prior to performing any work in facility.
*There will be a $40.00 per day per person charge for outside contractors and will be payable by the vessel’s owner prior to departure.
*No sandblasting or spray painting is allowed by owners or owner’s subcontractors. A clean-up fee may be assessed if work area is not kept clean after sub contractor has completed the work.
*Workshop is available for owners and some tools supplied, shop rental rate is $30.00/hr.
*Bottom Paint and supplies extra
*Supply fee for any vessel is $15.00 min
* Bottom Painting fee includes basic prep, extra prep will be billed at our labour rate
* Bottom Painting fees include one coat of selected paint, with an additional coat at the waterline
* Additional complete coat charged at $75.00 /hr
* Mast Stepping and Crane fees $100.00/hr
* Survey only in and out $150.00/hr One hour min.


  • All vessels must have current insurance at time of haul out
  • All work orders are due and payable immediately upon completion of specified work.
  • No work orders or invoices will be held on account unless approved by management
  • All customers who bring in outside contractors must have their contractors approved by management prior to work on vessel.
  • Classic Marine Ltd. will not be held responsible for any injury sustained by the owner of the vessel while on the Classic Marine facility when working on their own vessel. All owners must sign a waver to this affect prior to working on their vessel.
  • All vessels shall be in the docking facility at least one hour prior to haul out